Telemetry Transformation Project

Creating an Improved Healing Environment for Patients at St. Joseph 




Plans are currently underway for the renovation of Telemetry rooms located on the second floor of St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan. This area includes almost 80 rooms for patients requiring special heart monitoring. The telemetry unit is by far, one of the highest volume units in the entire St. Joseph Health System providing care for patients with a variety of cardiac related symptoms and diseases.


In 2008 and 2009, St. Joseph Regional Health Center invested over a quarter of a million dollars in upgraded monitoring technology for the telemetry unit. At present, the unit is among the largest and most technologically advanced of any telemetry unit in the state.


Despite the upgraded technology and past renovations to the unit, the overall appearance of the patient rooms is dated and includes areas that could be improved for overall patient safety and convenience. In an effort to create the safest and most comfortable healing environment for patients and their families, St. Joseph has prepared a cost estimate to upgrade each room on the unit.



Scope of Project:


Renovations to patient rooms for the telemetry unit will include new patient beds to match current bed standards elsewhere in the hospital. An overhaul of patient bathrooms will include floor drainage upgrades allowing for the removal of shower area thresholds. The old thresholds required patients to step over them increasing risk of patient falls and injuries. Aesthetic improvements will include privacy curtains, improved lighting, built-in bench seating or sleep chairs for guests, updated flooring, wall and window treatments, and televisions.


The project will also include a renovation to the hospital’s Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). Part of the Telemetry Unit, the CDU is intended to serve as an area for temporary patient monitoring until a clinical decision can be made to move the patient to a private room or be discharged. The CDU occupies the space that was formerly the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, and includes either small isolation rooms or curtained bays offering little to no privacy. Through this project, those patient beds will be relocated to private rooms in the hospitals current Critical Care Unit and the CDU area will be re-tasked to serve for non-patient use. Primarily the area will become the headquarters for St. Joseph’s transfer center and as an area for physician and resident use. 


Cost of Project:


In keeping with St. Joseph’s core value of stewardship, much of the labor associated with the room renovations will be performed in-house, allowing for minimum cost and careful quality control.


Total estimated costs for labor and capital equipment purchases are approximately $35,000 per room. A detailed breakdown of the per-room cost is included with this project description. 


Philanthropic Opportunity:


Through the St. Joseph Foundation, the health system has offered the opportunity for local residents, grantmakers, and businesses to offset all or a portion of the cost of the project through philanthropic gifts. Each room on the telemetry unit may be funded with a gift or pledge, payable by the end of 2013, of $35,000. In grateful appreciation for financial support, St. Joseph will name the funded rooms in honor of the donor or in tribute of someone at the donor’s request.


Additional funding opportunities are available as well ranging from naming of the unit as a whole, each wing, or the CDU area. Donors may also provide “challenge gifts” to serve as matching funds for other donors. For donors who wish to make a gift less than $35,000, individual items within the rooms may be funded as well.



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