Our History

The St. Joseph Foundation was organized in 1984 to seek charitable contributions to support the continued growth and development of St. Joseph Regional Health Center. Since that time, our friends in the community have made significant commitments in helping to meet the heath care needs of the Brazos Valley. As St. Joseph has expanded to a multi-disciplinary health system, so has the scope of philanthropic support through the foundation.

Our Mission

The original stated mission of St. Joseph Foundation of Bryan, Texas, as a subsidiary of St. Joseph Health System, was to educate the community and develop charitable support for expansion of facilities and services of the healing ministry of St. Joseph Health Center of Bryan, Texas. In 1997, the mission of St. Joseph Foundation expanded to include generating charitable donations for all health care facilities supported by the St. Joseph Health System.

Our Vision

St. Joseph Foundation of Bryan, Texas is the preferred choice for donors who wish to advance healthcare services in the Brazos Valley by offering meaningful opportunities to benefit St. Joseph Health System's healing mission, and by ensuring donations are distributed according to the donors' wishes.

Our Guiding Principals

St. Joseph Foundation follows the principals of Reverence, Service, and Stewardship which guide the entire health system. We request and acknowledge all gifts in the generous spirit with which they are given to support St. Joseph's healing ministry. Financial donations are carefully stewarded and distributed as promptly as possible to ensure caregivers, and ultimately patients, benefit from those gifts.

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